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The top kitchen remodeling trends for 2018 in Florida

Posted by seashoretile on April 3, 2018 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (165)

The top kitchen remodeling trends for 2018 in Miramar beach Florida:

There are a variety of new kitchen remodeling trends to watch out for in the year 2018. If you are working with a kitchen remodeling expert in Miramar beach Florida you should strongly consider following some of these top trends to improve the value of your home and to match with all of the most current design themes. Here is a look at some of the most trendy design changes in 2017 for kitchens:

Bringing in natural wood: natural wood cabinetry has always been fairly popular bite using a warm and natural finish in the kitchen is becoming an extremely popular option in 2018The kitchen area from IKEA has become a fantastic way to get a beautiful look while still creating contrast in the accents and hardware that you choose to include in the home.

Hidden storage: a fairly new and emerging trend in the year 2018 is to create a kitchen that doesn't necessarily look like a kitchen. Extra storage space, wood blends and unique style cabinetry can really change the way that a kitchen area looks and bring it more closely into the design of your home. Subtle built-in appliances and other hidden features can really be a big remodeling trends in Miramar beach Florida this year.

Cabinetry that contrasts: cabinetry no longer has to be just one color and in some cases many homeowners are changing the color palette in their cabinetry for a more two-tone effect. Painting a pantry in royal blue and the rest of the cabinetry in white can create a beautiful accent piece for your home.

If you are interested in kitchen remodeling in Miramar Beach you should keep up-to-date with some of the latest kitchen trends so that you can be ready to work with a local contractor for any of your kitchen rebuilding solutions.

Classic white tile

Posted by seashoretile on March 25, 2018 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (4)


Classic white tile: classic white tile style bathrooms have always been in fashion and these clean yet modern aesthetics are perfect for the look of a bathroom area. Some of the newest trends in bathroom remodeling in Santa Rosa Florida are to include a number of industrial elements such as darker style countertops, stainless steel fixtures and more. Darker colored grout like a grey or black can also create a beautiful contrast from the tiles as well as prevent the tiles from displaying their age or mold growth.

Accessibility: with an aging population in proving the ease-of-use in every bathroom can also improve the resale value of any home. Higher toilets, ADA compliant fixtures and other options for your bathroom can really help to improve the look while ensuring that your home can be sold in a faster fashion.

Keep some of these top bathroom remodeling trends in mind for 2018 when working with your bathroom remodeling expert of choice in Santa Rosa Beach Florida.


Storage in a smart way

Posted by seashoretile on March 18, 2018 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (2)

Storage in a smart way: many modern bathrooms are incorporating the use of practical storage that makes use of the most space in a bathroom. A lot of vertical space is often wasted within a bathroom area but the incorporation of new cabinetry that has a modern design, it is possible to create a functional and modern look for any bathroom design. Open shelving and other elements can also be incorporated into the smart storage design.


2018 Bathroom Design Trends

Posted by seashoretile on March 11, 2018 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (4)

2018 Bathroom Design Trends

Looking to do a remodel on your bathroom soon? Not sure where to start or what’s trendy right now?

Well, here are a few 2018 bathroom design trends that you might want to consider for your bathroom remodel! Freshening up your bathroom with the latest trend will make your bathroom feel more modern and give it a sense of amazing style, but remember it should fit into with the rest of your home!

One material bathrooms

So this trend was huge in the 1980s, but it’s making a huge comeback for bathrooms. The “one material” trend can really be impactful and bold when done right, creating a special place. So how do you get a one material bathroom? Rather than having the floor be one thing and the walls another (usually drywall), a one material room is using filling the entire space with one material from floor to ceiling, thus embracing this material for everything. Materials can be tile, limewash, plaster or even concrete for an extra bold feeling. Like we said, it could be a bit much if done wrong, so talk to your contractor about your options if you’re interested in this trend.


Vanities that float

Floating vanities look pretty cool and futuristic and are totally modern! So all of its plumbing and parts are neatly tucked away under a skirt-like section that’s made from wood stone or something else so it visually looks appealing while securing the sink’s necessities. You’ll notice how it makes a bathroom feel more open and bigger, which is a great thing for homes with smaller bathrooms.

Traditional freestanding bathtub

For a modern look but a classic feel, you can always opt for a freestanding bathtub that becomes the main piece in the bathroom. You can opt for a more traditional piece with the chunky feet or go for a more modern look with a round or oval freestanding bathtub.


Open ledge storage spots

Forget the large medicine cabinets or towel racks because it’s all about open ledge storage spots for bathrooms these days! It’s a great way to show off all your pretty things (hide the ugly stuff somewhere else like a shaving cream or floss) and still have storage for some of your most used items like soaps, perfumes and even a small vase.

Black fixtures

Silver, copper and gold are the usual choices for fixtures, but black is one of the top bathroom trends for the year. It’s a timeless option since black never goes out of style and can easily go with just about any design, surface, hardware or material in your bathroom.

Plaster and concrete

Instead of tile, some are going with plaster or concrete for their bathroom remodels. Both are very versatile materials and can be used on the floors, walls and even your vanity setup. Although you can go with dark, tinted or colored plaster or concrete, lighter tones make the bathroom feel larger!

Get a free shower Glass enclosure

Posted by seashoretile on February 21, 2018 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (10)

Get a free shower Glass enclosure for complete bathroom remodelling

Are you interested in getting a top quality glass shower enclosure in Panama City Beach Florida?

At Sea Shore Tile you can get access to a complete shower glass enclosure for free as part of your complete bathroom remodeling job. Ay choosing us as your bathroom remodeling specialists we can deliver a shower enclosure worth $2000 as part of your renovation and install it for free. Sea Shore tile are your bathroom and kitchen remodeling specialists helping out clients in Panama City Florida, Rosemary Beach Florida, Santa Rosa Beach Florida and across the United States.

At the team of home renovation specialists we can work it completing the finest in home renovations that you can use to increase the overall value of your property as well as help you get the bathroom oasis you have always wanted.

Our complete glass enclosure with bathroom remodeling solutions is available to all clients but we want to showcase our appreciation to the people of Panama City Beach Florida. Through our industry contacts we are able to get access to the best in quality components and we are proud to deliver our shower glass enclosure promotion for a limited time only.

Contact us today and we can get started with the process of designing your new bathroom and completing your bathroom remodeling effort. Be sure to contact us today if you are interested in taking advantage of the free shower glass enclosure promotion as it will be available for a limited time only.

Our design consultation department is ready to handle your renovation needs in Panama City Beach Florida. Contact us for any of your bathroom remodeling and we can help you to the bathroom design of your dreams!


The best tile for the bathroom:

Posted by seashoretile on September 8, 2017 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (7)

The best tile for the bathroom:

If you are interested in a bathroom remodel within Panama City Florida you should start to think about some of the best tiles that would work in a high traffic bathroom. Tiles installed in the bathroom need be extremely water resistant as well is resistant to stains. Luckily there are a number of manufacturers who can produce top-quality tiles designed specifically for bathroom remodeling efforts. Here are some of the best materials to get you started:

Flooring: Either porcelain or ceramic tiles are a very popular look for the bathroom. In many cases these tiles can be purchased inexpensively and they are great for their water resistance with a variety of different coatings which are available for the tiles here. There are even some new coatings that can be added to ceramic to make them look closer to wood or a natural wood floor. This would allow you to continue the natural wood floor look throughout your home without potentially risking your wood floors in a bathroom area.

Marble wall tiles: there is nothing more luxurious than a natural stone or marble wall tile. Granite and marble have become a very distinguished way to redo almost any type of bathroom. There are many homeowners that also choose to break up the look of marble or granite with unique mosaics in custom color patterns that can be included in shower spaces. These mosaic patterns can come ready to install or custom-designed with the help of a contractor.

Natural stone backsplashes: Backsplashes for sink areas can be a beautiful accent piece for any bathroom. Rather than a mosaic you could consider putting in a slightly different backsplash near the sinks in your bathroom. Trying a brighter colored natural stone or a contrasting color from the rest of your tile bathroom in natural stone can build almost an accent wall apart from your other bathrooms.

If you want to learn more about the best tile for the bathroom in Panama City Florida you should contact our company today.



Think about Value Over Price.

Posted by seashoretile on August 1, 2017 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (12)

Selecting remodeling a home's bathroom can be a very interesting task. From choosing new fixtures to new flooring to brand-new cabinetry, a bathroom remodel can transform a house owner's desires right into truth. Still, when considering such a job, the right contractor has to be in location to get the job done to expert criteria. When considering who to employ to complete this home improvement task, it is essential to make sure in choosing the right contractor from the start. While making this choice could appear daunting at first, this does not have to be the case. Right here are some helpful tips on how to choose a bathroom remodeling contractor for the most effective job.

Finding the Right Contractor

Judging that is the best individual to execute the job will take some effort but there are a couple of suggestions homeowners can comply with when it concerns achieving the best end results on their bathroom renovation task. To make sure the right contractor is chosen take into consideration the following:

Working with a knowledgeable contractor is important. Take into consideration for how long they have are in business or even a lot more specifically, the number of years of direct bathroom remodeling experience they have.


Contractor Should Be Completely Licensed & Insured. The contractor should also be fully insured and accredited. Each state has different demands pertaining to the legal documents needed to perform work as a contractor in that state. Follow-up and demand evidence of licensure and insurance coverage to validate the contractor can legitimately perform the work they are appealing. General liability insurance is necessary because if something were to go wrong throughout the course of the task, the appropriate protections will be in area.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Grade. In addition, talk to the Better Business Bureau to review the contractor's grade. It is not a demand for business to sign up with the BBB however this service is necessary due to the fact that any type of customer can report an issue against business they have actually had disputes with. Take a close consider both the contractor's grade and the variety of disagreements they have detailed to determine if this contractor is the right supplier to manage the renovation project.


A trustworthy contractor will also have lots of recent recommendations. When getting in touch with a contractor for the first time pay very close attention to their willingness to give references. Are they available to do so or are they reluctant? Ask the contractor for at least 3-5 references and call them straight to gather their personal point of views pertaining to the contractor.

Before & After Work Pictures. Another great method to determine a contractor's level of expertise is to request before and after images or videos of their work. The contractor should have a profile of job that displays their best projects both prior to and after the renovation. Furthermore, when looking for the ideal contractor do not hesitate to request visits to real work websites (ones that are in development or ones that have recently been completed) to see their work first hand.


Think about Value Over Price. Price should not be the single reason that a contractor is picked. Picking a lower valued contractor that does not have the necessary experience or credentials might turn a remodeling project's budget upside down. Many homeowners have actually had renovation problems after they picked a cheaper contractor that completed substandard job. They then had to hire a more expensive contractor ahead and fix the problems. This scenario can be prevented by choosing a contractor based on the value and quality of their work rather than their price." target="_blank">Looking for Bathroom remodeling Panama City Beach and 30A area, is the best reputable service provider. Visit their site for more information.


Seashore Tile

Posted by seashoretile on February 13, 2017 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

We at seashore tile would like to hear from our readers! We wan to know about what you want. So, please don't be shy give us some article ideas. Maybe, you have some questions about the process of remodeling. How it will effect your daily activities while we're in your beautiful homes. Or maybe you just are curious what styles are in. Whatever the case may be we would love to here from you!

Speak up, we can't wait to here all the great questions and comments!!!

How to Steam Clean Ceramic Tile

Posted by seashoretile on January 1, 2017 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (10)

The power of steam to clean your ceramic tile.


Using a steam cleaner to clean ceramic tile on the floor and the walls can remove that sticky residue often left behind when using traditional floor cleaners. The high-pressure steam both cleans and disinfects the ceramic tile surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals that can sometimes damage ceramic tile or grout. Using a steam cleaner protects your skin from those same harsh chemicals. Steam cleaners can heat the water up to 220-degrees Fahrenheit to blast dirt out of small cracks and crevices that a regular mop would leave behind.


Sweep your ceramic tile floor with a broom or dust mop to pick up larger items of debris that the steam cleaner might not catch. Wipe down ceramic tile walls with a dust rag to remove cobwebs that sometimes gather in the corners.


Remove the fill cap and fill the water tank on your steam cleaner with distilled water. Depending on the type of steam cleaner you own, the tank attaches to the handle or is a separate container. Do not add any cleaning products to your water tank. Replace the fill cap.


Attach the microfiber cloth provided with your steam cleaner to the steam cleaner head. Some steam cleaner cloths attach to the cleaner head with hook and latch strips while others use elastic.


Plug your steam cleaner into the wall outlet. Turn on your unit if your unit has a separate on off switch. Some units turn on automatically when you plug the cord into the wall outlet. Some models of steam cleaners are ready for use within 30 seconds, while others require several minutes to heat the water in the tank.


Pump the handle or squeezed the trigger on your steam cleaner to release the steam through the microfiber cloth. Move your steam cleaner's head back and forth over your ceramic tile the same way you would when mopping your floor with water.


Unplug your steam cleaner from the wall outlet to change the microfiber cloth or to change an attachment to clean ceramic tile on the wall. Plug the steam cleaner back into the wall outlet to heat the water.


Clean ceramic tile on walls or countertops by moving the microfiber cloth or attachment back and forth across the tile. When steam cleaning shower wall tile, wipe the tile down with a terry cloth towel immediately after cleaning to remove the loosened soap scum and hard water deposits.


Unplug the steam cleaner from the wall outlet. Remove the microfiber cloth from your steam cleaner. Allow your ceramic tile to dry. Since you are using steam instead of water, drying times are much shorter than mopping or cleaning with soap and water.


Things You Will Need

Broom or dust mop

Dust rag

Distilled water

Terrycloth towel


Do not get your hands or bare feet near the head of the steam cleaner while it is operating to avoid burns.

Floors can be slippery immediately after cleaning.

Clean grout in bathrooms

Posted by seashoretile on December 17, 2016 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (5)

Clean grout in bathrooms

When grout is dirty and grimy (grubby hands, mildew and product buildup are usually the culprits), it can make an entire bathroom or kitchen look dingy. When it's clean, this typically white mortar between your tiles can significantly brighten up the room. Whether on the floor, in the shower, or on the kitchen backsplash, grout can be cleaned effectively and naturally with just a few simple tools.


Clean clothOld toothbrush: if you have an old electric one to spare, all the better!Baking Soda


1. Wash the area with water using your washcloth. This gets rid of any easy-to-remove particles and allows you to start with a relatively clean slate.


2. Combine baking soda and water to make a paste.


3. Using the toothbrush, apply the paste to the grout, scrubbing vigorously. This is where the electric toothbrush comes in handy if you have one -- the vibrations help loosen dirt more vigorously than your own man power can.


4. Wipe off any excess paste. You also make want to wipe the tiles down again with a wet washcloth. This solution requires a lot of elbow grease, so be prepared to scrub. Some recipes suggest replacing the water with vinegar for a deeper clean. For really tough stains, let the paste sit a while before scrubbing it. If the grout still isn't coming clean, apply lemon juice directly to the stain, let it sit a few minutes and wipe it clean.


If the stains are too stubborn there are more grout cleaning solutions available. These remedies aren't quite as natural, but each one pulls from items you already have around the house.More options:- Scrub the grout with toothpaste. Choose whitening toothpaste for a little extra polish. Again, here's your excuse to get a new electric toothbrush because this job would be much easier with your old one!


- Mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda into a paste. When the bubbling stops, apply it to the grout. Let it sit for a while then scrub it off with an old toothbrush.


Once the tile is clean, it's time for a little preventative maintenance. Inspect your grout regularly and apply a commercial grout sealer once a year. Keeping it well sealed makes sure it doesn't become home to mould or mildew. Keep the grout dry when you can and take care of small stains as soon as you notice them.


Bring your tile back to life; you'll be amazed at how new it can look with some of these basic solutions.


If all else fails, you can always remove the old, stained grout and re-apply new grout


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